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About Me

I adopt an integrative framework in my work with clients by combining elements and interventions from different psychological theories to suit my clients' unique needs. I believe that authentic self-discovery and transformation emerge from an exploration of life's nuances - the tiny spaces between the black-and-white perspectives we often hold. The Grey. 

By embracing the uncertainties and complexities of the human experience, those that shape our thoughts, emotions, and behaviours, I strive to cultivate self-awareness, enhance motivation, and support you in shouldering as much personal responsibility as you can, as I believe this to be the fundamental route to finding meaning and purpose. 

My approach will invite you to delve into your inner realm—the various shades of grey that constitute the light and dark aspects of your personality—with the ultimate aim of nurturing psychological integration, charting a path to growth, and uncovering your sense of purpose.

My Approach

I'm here to offer guidance as you navigate the complexities of life's journey. Think of me as a fellow traveller, helping you make sense of the path you're on and the destination you're heading. To me, therapy is about listening, encouraging, deepening, and challenging you to reconsider the map you're using.

At the core of my approach are Client-Centered Therapy (CCT) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). CCT creates a nurturing space where you can delve into your experience and enhance your self-awareness and capacity for growth, while CBT helps you untangle the interplay between thoughts, emotions, and behaviours, empowering you to reshape patterns that might be hindering your path toward self-actualization. To enrich this foundation, I weave in techniques from various therapies, including Emotionally Focused Therapy to explore the emotional landscape that underpins and shapes your relational experiences and motivates your behaviour, and Behavioral Therapies to equip you with practical tools to help you manage symptoms and navigate challenging situations. 


With teamwork as the cornerstone, I strive to establish a therapeutic relationship founded on mutual respect, shared responsibility, and encouragement. I am fully committed to guiding you as you navigate your journey and supporting you to harness your potential for personal growth.

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